Especially in the vendor program, you must always have a complete overview on strategic and operational factors in order to:

  • Reduce potential fines on Amazon
  • Get the maximum out of the downstream stock in the vendor program
  • Stay competitive with Amazon Media Group advertising campaigns to increased visibility and better rankings
  • Offer your customers a uniform appearance
  • Negotiate the optimal conditions for you with Amazon Retail
  • Do not miss any opportunity to increase your sales and take part in the strong promotional deal events
  • Create a meaningful forecast for quarterly and annual planning
  • Engage Sales-Driven Promotions Using AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)
  • Optimize and automate your operational processes
  • Keep an eye on your reporting and controlling and adjust your strategy if necessary
  • Do smart effective keyword research and adjust for seasonal variations

We are experienced and competent with each of these points – so you can focus on your core business.


As an Amazon Seller, you need to place a lot more focus on individual areas of your Amazon business than the vendor program does. This control and diversity also offers great opportunities.

Face up to this challenge and make a change! As a seller, you face many challenges that you should always keep control and track of:

  • Calculate and monitor your margins regularly and correctly, because: Amazon not only charges high fees for your sales, but also sends countless confusing reports, where you can easily lose track over your business economy.
  • Engage Optimal Sales-Driven Promotions Using PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)
  • Optimize and automate your operational processes
  • Answer customer inquiries and assessments in good time
  • Regularly check and control restrictions and releases within your product categories
  • Plan sales tax calculations correctly.
  • Optimise Keywords: delivery threshold.
  • Back and front end product listing SEO
  • Discuss the topic of Pan-EU shipping and the accompanying tax complexity
  • Compete in the highly competitive Amazon environment and power PPC ads, deals, and promotions to increase revenue

We are experienced and competent with each of these points – so you can focus on your core business.


We offer first-class advice and support through a variety of services. Tailor-made to suit your requirements. As a strategic partner, we are happy to assist you in the short or long term – We provide and adapt our services to your individual needs!

Due to our many years of full-service experience, we are optimally positioned to understand and positively affect all areas of Amazon business.

Our Amazon Optimisations consist of the following flexible services:

  • Strategic advice

    We are happy to offer you an hourly or project-based strategic advice on all Amazon issues and challenges – you determine the scope

  • ASIN optimization

    Keyword research, backend keywords, Amazon SEO and text content for product description or A + Content – all you need for your product detail page and product backend information

  • PPC & AMS optimization and support

    Comprehensive PPC specific keyword research, creation of PPC campaigns, headline ads and Product Display Ads according to our specially developed Funnel system as well as regular maintenance and optimization of all campaigns

  • Reporting and controlling

    On request, we evaluate and produce weekly and monthly figures relevant to your performances and deliver them filtered and prepared to your specifications – so you always stay on top of your Amazon business

You could not find what you are looking for? We also offer many additional services – including consulting and conceptual design of Amazon images, the conception and implementation of a brand-relevant brand store and negotiations with Amazon. Simply ask what we can do for you to make your amazon experience more successful.



Two years ago it was very common, for those desiring to market their products on Amazon, to require the services of an Amazon SEO agency. As a result of the highly dynamic and complex nature of this portal market, partnered with the increase in competition, nowadays more steps are vital in order to maintain a consistently high turnover and high ranking on Amazon. AMZ Controlling was founded off the back of this development in 2015, making it one of the first full-service Amazon agencies in Europe.

What does full service mean today?

The awareness of the sales channel Amazon has risen rapidly over the years. In order to be able to “play along” in this marketplace and to achieve sustainable success on Amazon externally proven advice and support is required. We offer you a multitude of options so you can tailor make your own personal Amazon optimisation package.

It's your business - also on Amazon

It's your business - also on Amazon

Many of our customers complain about an increasing loss of control and the dwindling influence they have within their Amazon business. Whether it’s from resellers or from Amazon itself, we help you maintain control over your business and products on Amazon. How? Quite simply: Thanks to our years of experience, in direct exchange and contact with Amazon itself, we know which levers you can – and must – pull.

A unified brand identity
– your online business card

To be visible on Amazon for your customers and potential new customers, a unified consistent brand image is essential. We make sure that your products are offered as a holistically on Amazon, so that your customers feel safe and secure – and you increase your sales.


Are you already selling on Amazon or playing with the idea of using Amazon as another strong sales channel for your company? Get yourself a competent experienced partner on your side. Get to know us now!


You would like to know if your product sales can increase via Amazon? Then contact us now and we will provide you with an ASIN Quick-Check free of charge and without obligation – please enter a desired ASIN in the form.

If you are not yet represented on Amazon, please contact us by e-mail – we will be happy to call you for a non-binding telephone conversation.


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